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Public Policy Consulting

The policy environment has never been more complex, especially for organizations on the cutting edge of technology. We work directly with state, federal and international elected officials and regulators to foster a conversation that improves our clients' ability to offer their products and services. When appropriate, we advocate on their behalf for changes to regulatory or statutory frameworks to enable them to best serve their customers. 

Our services:

  • Strategic policy counsel;  

  • Engagement with policymakers at all levels of government; 

  • Analysis and insight into legislative and regulatory developments;

  • Monitoring of impactful policy developments; and,

  • Analyses of proposed legislation and regulations.

Every state is different. We work with state legislators and regulators in statehouses across the country to tell our clients' stories, tailoring our approach to consider the unique elements of each states' policy environment.  
In Washington, our team has deep relationships and expertise working with Congress and advocates on our clients' behalves on Capitol Hill to advance their legislative priorities.
But we also recognize that Congress isn't the only entity in Washington with the ability to make a difference. When appropriate, we work directly with federal regulatory agencies to assist our clients on matters related to regulatory rulemakings, guidance, examinations, and enforcement actions. 
Many of our clients offer their services or products globally. Accordingly, we have on-the-ground expertise working with policymakers across the world, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. 
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